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True conservatives are being purged from the internet in an unprecedented crackdown on our freedom of speech.

You’ve probably heard that recently tech giants like Facebook, Google and Twitter have launched a mass censorship campaign to silence everyone that does not agree with their politically correct, globalist, President Trump-bashing narrative!

Make no mistake, once we lose our right to say what’s on our mind, we are diving headfirst towards a dictatorship like the ones in Russia, China or Venezuela.

Keep in mind that while conservatives are being silenced, the liberal left-leaning media like CNN and MSNBC operates freely and continues to spew lies, propaganda and fake news unimpeded!

This is nothing short of a war for the hearts and minds of Americans, and they are fighting dirty.

My name is Greg Dawson, chief editor of TrueConservativesHub.com

Each day, our vow to you is that we will provide the latest news, commentaries and other tidbits of knowledge form a real conservative perspective.

To us, the truth and the 1st amendment are sacred. Your voice is important. Your free thought is important.

Here, the only thing banned is censorship.

We are always looking forward to your comments, feedback, suggestions or questions!

You are always welcome to drop us a message at support@trueconservativeshub.com or at (859) 208-0002‬.

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